Grey Skies Over Russia cover

Grey Skies Over Russia

By Frederick Heider

ISBN:  978-0-9735170-0-2

October, 2004, Paperback, 461 pages
Publisher: The Ganneth Company, $24.95

In Grey Skies over Russia Frederick Heider recounts his incredible life from an impoverished youth to German army officer during World War II working closely with high ranking army staff to inmate of Russian prison camps after the war.

Working as a hotel management apprentice in one of Europe's most opulent hotels, he encountered the famous and infamous figures of pre-World War II society, whose escapades he describes in delicious detail. After winning an apprenticeship competition, he was an honoured guest of Hitler himself and wooed by the Hitler Youth. He joined the German military to escape the politics. He recounts his army years as a Lieutenant whose amusing escapades include being court-martialed and sent to the Russian front. Trapped behind enemy lines and captured just before the war ends, he paints a poignant picture of his years in Russian prison camps.

This insightful and entertaining insider’s account sheds light on the forces shaping modern European history leading up to and during World War II.