Reviews of Journey to Peace

Americans have read numerous books about World War II telling the story of battles, soldiers, generals, survivors, the Holocaust, prisoners of war, and much more. However, we have been exposed to few books that give us a glimpse of what life was like for the average German citizen before and after the war years.
Journey to Peace does just that. Author Ruth Rathgeber lived it and now she has shared her memories in a fascinating novel....
The author worked as a journalist and translator during the war. She knew the fear the Nazis and the Gestapo inspired in the ordinary citizen. In Journey to Peace, she turns her knowledge into story that captivates readers with its authentic voice.
Her story takes us one step closer to a complete picture of the costs of war where all ordinary citizens pay the price. Journey to Peace is a must-read for anyone interested in a well-written story and a different historical viewpoint of WWII from someone who lived it.  
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Pat McGrath Avery, Author of They Came Home: Korean War POWs

I love human stories intertwined with history especially when it is written by someone who lived that part of our history. This book is a wonderful story written by Ruth Rathgeber. She tells her story of living and surviving during the Nazi regime. It is a true success story filled with her vivid memories of life before and after World War II.
Jennifer Gance, Author 

Who could be more qualified than Ruth Rathgeber to tell this gripping story of life in Germany under the Nazi regime, near the end of World War II. Ruth's own real-life experiences attempting to escape from Germany and find a life of peace lend authenticity to this novel of love, war, and fear as the heroine, Karin, endures terror, tentative hope, and a war that seems to catch up to her wherever she goes to try to evade it.
Being separated from beloved family and friends because of the war, and in its aftermath the anguish of not being able to locate them--then the joy of learning that some of them were safe, and the torment of hearing of the inhumane treatment some of them suffered, and from which some died under imprisonment by the Russians. The bleak, cold and uncomfortable conditions of some of the German soldiers during imprisonment by the Allies in the aftermath of the war was heart-rending, even though for the most part they were treated humanely.
There is a happy ending to the story--for both Ruth and Karin--and it is well worth reading, both for the entertainment value of a story well told, and for the insight into the trials and tribulations of war.
La Vaughn Kemnow, Author and publisher

 Journey to Peace is a touching personal story of endurance, love, heartbreak, war, and hope. Rathgeber has put together a tale of a young woman that has been touched deeply by the havoc wrought in postwar Germany of the 1940's.
Journey to Peace follows young Karin von Holbig as she flees Poland and dangerous parts of Germany to find safety. Her life is turned upside down as she and her close friends are separated and forced to endure the unimaginable.
Excellent book - I just loved it!
Marcia Freespirit, Publisher JimSam Inc.

Insightful and engaging! Ruth Rathgeber's Journey to Peace provides a thoroughly engaging read. She shares unique insights into the turmoil and uncertainty that befell ordinary citizens during the war (WW II), but frames these insights into the context of personal love stories that keep the reader riveted. This book is also a good reminder of the enormous human costs of war.

Ruth writes very eloquently about the war years in Europe, she describes this time in dramatic prose, Ruth has a way of bringing her experiences into clear focus for the reader. A very personal tale, gripping and a timely reminder of the devastation of war.

Wonderful read. I've discovered a new author! This book was very enlightening to me. I was but a wee child when the WW2 ended and was subject only to the propaganda of the time. I learned so much about the German people and the horrible hardships they suffered from the Russians and the Allies. The story of Karin and her associates gave me a whole new outlook. The story has hardship, pain, pathos, a wonderful love story and a great ending. I would love to read more from this author, and will look forward to her new book which I hope will come out soon.

Truly well written! A beautifully coloured story that transports you into life during wartime, and allows you to experience the angst and emotional upheaval that ordinary people of that time found the strength to survive.